Sequencing with MiGS


To begin working with MiGS, please start here. If you are a returning customer or find that your institution already has an agreement in place, please see the details below.

Guidelines for Sequencing with MiGS

Once a service agreement is in place for your institution, all that needs to be done is for you to submit your samples so that we may get to work on them!  

Submitting Samples

We strongly recommend shipping your samples via overnight mail, either on ice or at ambient temperature.  As you mail the samples, please include this form with your samples so that we know who they belong to and where the data should be sent when they have been processed.  Samples can be sent to the following address (be sure to include the suite number) and will be received Monday through Friday:

University of Pittsburgh
450 Technology Drive, Suite 433
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Sample Requirements

When submitting your samples, please ensure they meet the following requirements:

  • Samples contained in microcentrifuge tubes, or for submission greater than 84 samples, 96 well plate
  • Volume of at least 40uL
  • Concentration of between 10 and 100 ng/uL
  • If your samples are unable to meet these requirements due to the nature of the organism, please contact us to see if custom handling is possible

MiGS Pricing

The below pricing is all-inclusive, from sample normalization and QC to library preparation to sequencing to data distribution.

Service Description Pitt Customers External Customers
Clonal Bacteria and Viral Sequencing  A guaranteed minimum of 150 Mb of sequencing (2 X 151bp reads) and an average of 450 Mb delivered for each sample. This option is ideal for viral and clonal bacterial samples, yielding a minimum of 30x coverage across a 5Mb genome. $65 per sample $80 per sample
Bacterial Population and Yeast Sequencing A guaranteed minimum of 625 Mb of ​ sequencing (2 x 151bp reads) and an average of 1.5 Gb delivered for each sample.  This option is designed for bacterial populations, clonal yeast and other samples with genomes larger than 10Mb. $110 per sample $125 per sample 
Custom Sequencing For projects that are unable to be serviced by the standard offerings, please contact us to discuss how we may help you with your sequencing needs. Inquire Inquire

Please note that invoicing for sequencing work will not be sent out until after data has been delivered and verified to be of satisfactory quality.